23 Jan 2020

Rainwater Tank Maintenance

More Australians are waking up to the importance of getting a rainwater tank, to conserve water and save money on water bills. Maintaining your water tank is crucial to ensuring the quality of the water is maintained so it can be used for a variety of purposes.

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22 Jan 2020

The most common causes of smelly drains (and how to prevent them!)

Imagine this: your house is clean, water is flowing well and there are no signs of a blocked drain. Still, theres a lingering bad smell permeating your home and you cant figure out why. Sounds horrible, right? Like most plumbing issues, preventing a smelly drain is easier than fixing it. For this reason, today our trusted Canberra plumbers outline the most common causes of smelly drains and how you can prevent them.

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20 Jan 2020

8 things that should never be flushed down the drain

Most drains get clogged up at some point. Fortunately, most clogs are easily solved with the help of a friendly emergency plumber. If youre starting to notice that your plumbing is congested on a regular basis, however, it may be time to consider whether your own actions are contributing to the problem. Many people toss household items down the drain from time to time that they know could lead to plumbing issues. Whilst you may be able to get away with it once, continuing to pour these things down the drain or toilet could end up causing chronic blockage problems. If youre unclear about the sorts of items that should absolutely never touch your plumbing system, weve put together a helpful list:

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15 Jan 2020

3 reasons to build a good relationship with your plumber

There are certain people its always good to know. Someone who can tell you why your emails arent working. Someone who can answer that tax question. And someone you can call when you have a water leak, a burst water pipe or a blocked drain. An emergency plumber is an important person to know, but its also important to have a good relationship with your plumber when theres not water shooting uncontrollably around your house. You should be building a good ongoing relationship with your plumber for a number of reasons.

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08 Jan 2020

3 reasons you should call an emergency plumber

If something goes wrong with the pipes in your home, its normal to not want to call out a plumber right away. It can be very tempting to try and fix the problem yourself to save money, especially if the situation happens after hours. However, DIY can often lead to more harm than good, especially if you cant diagnose the problem. Calling an emergency plumber will often save you time and money in the long term.

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03 Jan 2020

Completing your renovation: when you need a plumber

One of the key trades you need during any home or commercial renovation is a plumber. Though most people associate needing a plumber only in emergencies, mainly to repair burst water pipes or assist with blocked drains, your plumber can help you install your homes plumbing and heating systems. In this article, we outline the ways your plumber can assist you with your renovations, detailing the essential areas of the property that need professional plumbing installation.

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02 Jan 2020

Plumbing Emergencies: What To Do In Every Situation

It doesn’t matter if you rent or own your house, plumbing emergencies can occur without any warning signs. Whether it be water flooding the floors, or the inability to use your necessary fittings such as a toilet or drain, a plumbing emergency can be overwhelming. The key to minimising the situation from worsening is knowing what to when an emergency occurs; in this article, we share with you exactly how to handle your emergency plumbing issue, and the crucial steps to ensure you reduce the damage before the emergency plumber arrives.

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