5 simple tips to maximise the efficiency of your evaporative cooler

21 Feb 2019

One of the best and most efficient means of cooling is through evaporation. An evaporative cooler, also called a swamp cooler, can significantly reduce your electricity costs during the hot summer months. An evaporative cooler only uses the natural process of evaporation to cool your home, unlike an air conditioner which relies on electrical energy for its refrigerant.

Since these coolers use water and air circulation to cool indoor spaces, they perform efficiently. An evaporative cooler can be an excellent tool to cool your home and learning a few handy tips can make it function optimally.

5 simple tips to maximise the efficiency of your evaporative cooler

1. Open your windows a little

While a traditional air conditioner requires a sealed and insulated environment for efficiency, a swamp or evaporative cooler needs open windows. It works by pulling air into the room, so allow about five centimetres of air space for an effective cross breeze.


2. Use it seasonally

An evaporative cooler works best when relative humidity is about 70%. Above 75%, it loses its effectiveness and can actually make things worse as it makes the air damper. You might have noticed how uncomfortable you feel on a humid day because of your sweat evaporating into the air. Similarly, high humidity levels hinder its functionality because the water cannot evaporate quickly enough to lower temperatures. Keep an eye on the weather regularly if you live in an area where humidity is unstable. It’s best to use your evaporative cooler on dry days to reduce the use of your central air conditioning.

The bottom line is that if you live in an arid area, the evaporative cooler suits you best.


3. Let your cooler run before turning on the blower

Just like car engines need some time to warm up, your cooler also needs some time to run before the blower kicks in. 15 minutes is long enough to allow water to circulate through the system and prime the pump before the blower is turned on.


4. Make sure the pads are wet

Before turning on your cooler, the cooling pads need to absorb adequate water, otherwise, it will just blow out hot air. Fill up the water tank and allow the pads to absorb enough water before turning on the fan.


5. Service and maintain your cooler

Just like any other appliance, an evaporative cooler will serve you best if it’s regularly and properly maintained. Sometimes environmental pollutants, dust and dirt build up and make the motor’s job difficult.

During high cooling seasons, ensure you inspect and clean your unit before using it again in the summer or putting it away for the winter. It’s also advised to conduct a mid-season inspection with the following items on your checklist:

– Vacuum air intake fans and grills

– Wipe down the exterior

– Inspect cooling pads for mildew or cracks and replace as needed

– Wash out the water tank using a water solution and mild soap

Having a regular cleaning and servicing schedule will ensure you have less system malfunctions.

These tips will help you reduce the cost of repairs when the weather is at its hottest in Canberra, Queanbeyan and the surrounding areas. Let Laser Plumbing Canberra Central help service your residential and commercial evaporative cooling systems today. Call us on (02) 6188 6088 to get started.